Ugo Riva

Born in Bergamo in 1951, since he was young he dedicates himself in drawing and then in painting.

Since 1977 Sculpture becomes his main expressive research, focalizing on the rediscovery of the polychromy  in “cotto” and then in bronze.

All along his first works of art deal on the vital theme of the “human” being, dedicating attention, during these years, on the fragility of the present time theme.

In 1978 he attended in collective exhibitions , while the first personal exhibition was in 1987. Ever since he  exhibits his works in many private gallery and in public space all over the world.

The most important personal exhibitions during this last decade are at  “Palazzo dei Notai” in Bologna (2000); “Park Ryu Sook Gallery” in Seoul (2002); “Capricorno Gallery” in Washington DC (2005); “Galerie Vallois” in Paris; in 2006 he realized Via Christi at  “Tempio Votivo della Pace” in Bergamo;  in 2008 he realized Antologica commisionated by Province of Bergamo for “Spazio Viterbi”. In the same year he realize his personal exhibition at “Twee Pauwen Gallery” in Den Haag; in 2009 he realized Trittico dell’abbraccio in polychromy terracotta and iron at “Chapel of the Civil Hospital” in Legnano; in 2010 he realized Un museo all’aperto, big sculptures at the park of the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence; in 2011 he realized Anima Mundi in Bergamo, an exhibition commisionated by “Fondazione del Credito Bergamasco” for the 120th anniversary of the Bank; “Venezia,  Caserma Cornolti Lido degli Schiavoni” he attended Un’Idea di Mare, an exhibition in cooperation with ISMAR-CNR nazionale (2011);  “Di Annuncio in Annuncio” at “Fondazione Stauros” in San Gabriele del Gran Sasso (2012);Exempla – il Buon Pastore, at “Sesta Triennale Arte Sacra” in Lecce (2012); personal exhibition at “Parco della Gherardesca, Four Seasons Hotel” in Florence (2012). 

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