At the heart of the Fontainebleau forest, Barbizon, also known as the “village of painters”, boasts a long artistic past. As early as 1830,  the French pre-Impressionist painters were seduced by the forest’s light, the diversity of its natural sites and the charm of the village. Equally source of inspiration for foreign artists such as Ludwig Knaus and Albert Brendel from Germany,William Morris Hunt from the United States, as forwell as the French Corot, Jean-François Millet, Théodore Rousseau, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley.


“A place like no other in the world… Come discover it yourself!”
Massoud Besharat

Today, Barbizon still has its charm of yesteryear while preserving a dynamic village life. All year long, the main street is animated by its commerces and café terraces: galleries, museums, boutiques featuring decoration items or souvenirs, hotels, prestigious restaurants, convenience shops… The forest offers numerous itineraries for strolls or hikes, rock climbing, riding or biking…








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1er mai > 30 septembre 2014

Group exhibition

This Summer, Besharat Gallery gives you the opportunity to discover a great variety of artists. Painters, photographers, sculptors both abstract and figurative. In the gardens and inside the gallery, you are invited to a real visual feast with the works of Ugo Riva, Jean Arcelin, Yoza, Moreno, Jean-François Larrieu, Steve McCurry, Antoni Taulé, Parish Kohanim, Jacopo... View Article

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