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After Atlanta in the United States, Besharat Gallery has settled in Barbizon, one of the mythical locations of the pre-Impressionist period in France. Located in the former Villa Les Charmettes (19th century), the Gallery houses works by renowned contemporary artists, as well as budding young talents to be discovered. In its gardens, an artistic presentation dotted with sculptures invites visitors to an immersion in art and nature.

There is no need for Art to be explained by a brigade of art critics, gallery owners, museum curators, speculators or auction houses. Art is no other than a visual pleasure.
Massoud Besharat
Music comes from the heart and goes to the heart. There is no need to be a musician to appreciate it.
Franz Schubert

Massoud Besharat The permanent collection of the Besharat Gallery presents an ensemble of paintings and sculptures by Italian, French, American, Iranian, Spanish, and Japanese artists. Mauro Corda, Jean-François Larrieu, Eishin Yoza, Antoni Taulé… Abstract or figurative art, recycled materials, bronze, resin… the eclectic far-flung taste of Massoud Besharat is reflected in the choice of works exhibited. Several times a year, exhibition events showcase the work of an artist or focus on a specific theme.

Opening hours

From mondays to sundays from 10 am to 7pm. 
Tel. : +33 (0)9 67 18 24 65


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Current events
1er mai > 30 septembre 2014

Group exhibition

This Summer, Besharat Gallery gives you the opportunity to discover a great variety of artists. Painters, photographers, sculptors both abstract and figurative. In the gardens and inside the gallery, you are invited to a real visual feast with the works of Ugo Riva, Jean Arcelin, Yoza, Moreno, Jean-François Larrieu, Steve McCurry, Antoni Taulé, Parish Kohanim, Jacopo... View Article

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