The Gardens

The visit continues in the gallery’s gardens, where art competes with nature to be in the spotlight. Two flower gardens, one in front, the other behind the gallery, offer a unique artistic and sensorial venue. From the oniric sculptures by Italian Ugo Riva to the blue and gold futuristic ant by Moreno, via flamboyant horses by Frédéric Jager and then Vestige, the gigantic iron face by Mauro Corda.

Nature and human creativity in harmony.
Massoud Besharat

As the days and seasons go by, nature changes and modifies the ambiance of the garden. Thus, from one visit to the next, the experience is never the same. Whether poetic, romantic, eccentric or disturbing, new works appear and animate the space with their personality.

Opening hours

From mondays to sundays from 10 am to 7pm. 
Tel : +33 (0)9 67 18 24 65


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En ce moment
1er mai > 30 septembre 2014

Exposition Collective

Cet été, Besharatgallery propose de découvrir la grande diversité de ses artistes. Peintres, photographes et sculpteurs abstraits ou figuratifs. Dans la jardin et à l'intérieur de la galerie, c'est un à véritable festin visuel que nous vous invitons avec des artistes tels que Ugo Riva, Jean Arcelin, Yoza, Moreno, Jean-François Larrieu, Steve McCurry, Antoni Taulé, Parish Kohanim...


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